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HIPS Filler Masterbatch

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HIPS Filler Masterbatch – What is it?

HIPS Filler Masterbatch (also known as High Impact Polystyrene Filler masterbatch) is made of high-quality CaCO3 powder, Polystyren (PS) resin, and other specific additives. Containing high CaCO3 loading, HIPS Filler delivers an ideal cost-effective material solution to plastic manufacturers. Besides, this material also enhances various end-products’ properties including mechanical properties (bend strength, impact resistance), tear strength and printability. 

Nearly 14 years of experience in the plastic material market, EuP takes pride in providing the top quality calcium carbonate fillers to customers worldwide. For that reason, our HIPS filler can definitely meet all of customers’ strictest requirements.

HIPS Filler Masterbatch – Benefits

Material expenses reduction

Thanks to the main component – CaCO3 powder, HIPS Calcium Carbonate Filler brings customers a cost – effective material solution. Also, it minimizes the negative impacts resulting from resin market’s uncertainties on your end-products, thus paving the way for a more sustainable development. 

Properties improvement

The application of HIPS filler also enhances end-products’ properties such as bend strength, impact strength, tear resistance and printability. Besides, as CaCO3 is a good thermal conductive, it shortens the production cycle, thus helping plastic manufacturers save on energy consumed and boost the efficiency.

HIPS Filler Masterbatch – Classifications

EuP provides customers with customized material solutions based on your end-products’ technical requirements.


Melt temperature (Degree Celsius) Bulk density



(wt %)

Processing temperature

(Degree Celsius)

Usage rate



150 1.23 <0.1 from 140 to 280

from 5 to 35


150 1.16 <0.1 from 140 to 280 from 5 to 40

HIPS Filler Masterbatch – Applications

Thanks to its outstanding mechanical properties, our High Impact Polystyrene Filler Masterbatch is widely applied in vacuum forming and thermoforming. 

Manufacturing methods


Thermoforming  Refrigerator liners, foamed PS tableware, line bending and shaping for indoor POP applications of all kinds,…
Vacuum forming HIPS shaped sheet,…
Blow moulding Containers, jars,…

HIPS Filler Masterbatch – Specifications

EuP provides customers with HIPS Filler as the following specifications: 

  • Packaging: Our HIPS Filler will be packed into PS labelled bags (25 kg/bag or 1100 kg/jumbo bag) on pallets, and can load to 27 MT/20DC.
  • Model Number: EF HIPS 80
  • Appearance (Surface Color): White
  • Usage rate: 5 – 35 % (depending on end-products)
  • Processing temperature: 140 – 280 Degree Celsius
  • Pellet Size: x3 (±0.3) mm
  • Storage: Dry and cool condition is recommended
  • Delivery time: Products are delivered based on terms and conditions agreed by both parties as per the contract.



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