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PE Filler Masterbatch

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PE Filler Masterbatch – What is it?

PE Calcium Carbonate Filler is a combination of high-quality polyethylene (PE) resin, pure Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) powder and other appropriate additives. The proportion of these components varies among different end-products to achieve the optimal using effectiveness.

EuroPlas PE Filler Masterbatch

PE Filler Masterbatch – Benefits

Cost effectiveness

Thanks to the powerful component – CaCO3, which partly replaces plastic resins, PE Filler is far more reasonable than pure PE resin, thus helping customers reduce production cost. 

End-products properties enhancement

PE Filler Calcium Carbonate also improves end-products’ thermal resistance, anti-shrinkage ability and other mechanical properties, which upholds your products’ competitiveness. 

PE Filler Masterbatch – Classification

PE Filler is divided into different categories to exactly match with end-products’ properties. Currently, EuP provides customers with the followings:


Components Calcium carbonate content (wt.%) Flow rate

(190 Degree Celsius/2.16 kg)

(g/10 min)

Bulk density (g/cm3)



EFPE 1001

LLDPE, CaCO3, Dispersion agent, Processing aid 80 0.1 1.24 <0.08

EFPE 1002

LLDPE, CaCO3, Dispersion agent, Processing aid, TiO2 80 0.1 1.3 <0.08
EFPE 1010 LLDPE, CaCO3, Dispersion agent, Processing aid 75 0.98 1.13


EFPE 1015 LLDPE, CaCO3, Dispersion agent, Processing aid 70 1.5 1.02


PE Filler Masterbatch – Applications 

PE Filler Calcium Carbonate is compatible with various plastic resins such as HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE. Thanks to its advantages, this material is widely used in many applications as belows:

Manufacturing methods


Blown film PE based films & bags (Roll bags, T-shirt bags, garbage bags, shopping bags, agricultural films, breathable films,…)
Injection moulding Housewares, tanks, toys
Extrusion PE/HDPE pipe, bar,… 
Blow moulding HDPE bottles, containers, cans,…

Application of PE filler masterbatch

PE Filler Masterbatch – Specifications

EuP provides customers with PE Filler as the following specifications:

  • Packing: our PE Calcium Carbonate Filler will be packed into PE labelled bags (25 kg/bag) as per your inquiries.
  • Additives: Dispersion agent, Processing aid, etc.
  • Processing temperature: 140°C – 280°C
  • Carrier resin: PE Polyethylene
  • Appearance (surface color): White
  • Usage rate: 5 – 50% (depending on end-products)
  • Storage: Dry and cool condition is recommended.


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