Plastic engineering compound

With several outstanding properties, ABS, HIPS, PC, PBT compound are ideal material solutions to technical components.


  • All functions in one single material 
  • Tailor-made based on end-products' requirements
  • Improve stiffness and decrease shrinkage
  • Increase impact strength and thermal resistance ability
  • Strengthen end-products
Color masterbatch

EuroPlas provides a wide variety of types of color masterbatches that fits end-products' requirements


  • Exact color as required
  • High level of compatibility with most of standard resins
  • Great dispersion on plastic surface
  • Good color fastness
  • Functionalities added (anti UV, anti aging,...)
  • Easy to store and delivery

EuroPlas provides a wide range of additives to improve a specific function of end-products.


  • Processing aid: commonly used in processing to reduce the friction between plastic and equipment surface, thus stabilizing the flow of polymer, improving productivity and quality of end-products
  • Antistatic additive: prevents the static charge build-up on plastic surface, thus minimizing the possibility of fire and explosion, resulting in safer and more effective manufacturing process. 
  • Flame retardant: minimizes the spread of fire, thus reducing its damage
  • Anti-UV additive: minimizes degradative effects of UV lights, thus improving end-products' longevity. 
  • Anti-aging additive: reduces impacts of environmental factors that cause plastic degradation, thus helping plastic end-products more durable and long-lasting.