PA6, PA66 blend compound

PA6, PA66 blend compound is the combination of PA6, PA66 resin and elastomer


PA6 and PA6 are two typical types of PA plastic. While PA6 has a lower melting temperature but is easier to process, distorts less, and is cheaper, PA66 has lower water absorption but higher temperature resistance, stiffness, and abrasion resistance than the other. PA6, PA66 blend compound comprises PA6/PA66 resin, elastomer, and impact strength modifiers, so it is resilient with strong mechanical properties.

The most common applications of PA6, PA66 blend compounds are in the automobile and motorcycle industries. This material is frequently used in roller bearings, office equipment, carburetors, exhaust gas control valves, fuel tank lids, and other gear-related components.

EuroPlas plastic compound is the most advanced material being manufactured and distributed by the company. With 15 years of industry experience, we understand businesses' difficulties when looking for a stable and quality source of raw materials. EuroPlas PA6, PA66 blend compound will assist you in producing final products that are highly precise, mechanically strong, and have improved usability and durability. Learn more about this product's features below:


  • All functions in one single material 
  • Allow to directly processed without any materials required
  • Tailor-made based on end-products' requirements
  • Good elasticity and high impact strength, which helps to improve mechanical properties and thermal ability of end-products
Technical specificationsDownloadcloud_download
  • Storage: Products should be stored in a cool, dry condition
  • Delivery: By road or by sea according to the agreement between two parties


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