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Black masterbatch

We offer compatitive prices with high quality Black Masterbatch products that is used to make black coloration and improve the characters for plastic applications such as: durability against with extremely weather conditions, UV stability, high temperature resistance.
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Black Masterbatch – What is it?

EuroPlas Black Masterbatch is the combination of high-quality carbon black pigment, virgin polyethylene, and specific additives to create black coloration for plastic products. Not only does it offer end-products a beautiful colored surface, EuroPlas Black colorant also improves a large number of plastic characteristics. In EuP, we offer a vast array of Black Colorants to fulfill all customers’ particular requirements.

Black Masterbatch – Benefits

The most vital benefit of Black colorant is for coloration and production cost reduction. Furthermore, in combination with specific additives, it offers numerous benefits for end-products such as: UV protection, thermal stability, electrical conductivity and heat dissipation.

Black Masterbatch – Classifications

Based on customer’s requirements, EuP offers different types of Black Colorants to exactly meet end-products’ technical standards.

Categories Carrier Carbon black  content


Melt temperature (Degree Celsius) Melt mass – Flow rate

(190 Degree Celsius/2.16 kg)

(g/10 min)

Bulk density (g/cm3) Moisture


EMPE 0030

PE 30 110 0.5 0.9


EMPE 0040

PE 40 110 2.8 0.91


EMPE 0050

PE 50 110 1.04 0.9 <0.1

Black Masterbatch – Applications

Black colorant is widely used in various applications thanks to its outstanding advantages.

Injection moulding Mechanical equipment,… 
Extrusion Water pipe, cable sheathing articles, dripping irrigation pipes,…
Blow moulding Containers, cans,…
Blown films Silage wrap films, garbage bags,…
Coating Automotive, black mass stone coating,…

Black Masterbatch – Specifications

EuP provides customers with Black Colorants as the following specifications:

  • Packing: our products will be packed into PE/PP labelled bags (25 kg/bag) as per your inquiries.
  • Additives: Dispersion agent, Processing aid, etc.
  • Processing temperature: 140°C – 280°C
  • Appearance (surface color): Black
  • Usage rate: 2 – 5% (depending on end-products)
  • Pallet Size: 3×3 (±0.3) mm
  • Storage: Dry and cool conditions are recommended. 
  • Delivery: Products will be delivered to customers based on terms and conditions agreed by both parties as per the contract.

Black Masterbatch – Certificates

EuroPlas White Masterbatch is certified to comply with U.S. FDA Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 (Food and Drugs) CFR 177.1520.


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