PP Filler Masterbatch
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PP Filler Masterbatch


Product Description

What kind of PP Filler Masterbatch do we deliver?

Our PP Filler Masterbatch is compounded of Calcium Carbonate CaCO3, Polypropylene PP as the carrier and other special additives by twin-screw machines. As containing high-quality Calcium Carbonate powder, our PP filler masterbatch promises to deliver natural whiteness and excellent dispersion with awesome compatibility.

PP Filler Masterbatch of EuP

We offer the most cost effective solution as well as heightening the surface features, hardness, durability in physical and chemical of finish products, and the heat resistance advantage. Our PP filler masterbatch will be added into polyolefin resins during blow molding, blow film, wire drawing, slip casting, injection or extrusion in order to displace the portion of the resins and plastic granules, improving properties and saving producing costs.

The fine pure CaCO3 powder is exploited the ample High-calcium Limestone Resources of Vietnam with over hundreds years old, is filled with polypropylene resin with special articles.

PP filler masterbatcvh plastic granules

Suitable applications of PP Filler Masterbatch

Extrusion Injection Plastic footwear, housewares Pipe extrusion
PP tape (raffia) Smmer furniture and various container PP injection molding, blow molding, extrusion molding. Blowing film, blow molding, injection molding, extrusion
Woven PP bags Electric appliances PP strapping band. Non-woven fabric
Jumbo bags Boxes and buckets PP Flat yarn extrusion. Construction materials

Suitable applications of PP filler masterbatch

Packing, storage, and marking:

  • Packing: our PP plastic granules will be packed into PP/PE bag that weight 25 kg per bag with labeling based on the inquiry of clients.
  • Storage: all of the fulfill bags will be stored in the dry, cool and ventilated condition and put over pallets before being load into containers.



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