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PP Filler Masterbatch

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PP Filler Masterbatch – What is it? 

PP Filler Masterbatch is composed of Vietnamese high-quality Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) powder, Polypropylene (PP) resin and other special additives. Thanks to these special components, our PP calcium carbonate filler can be delivered to plastic manufacturers at the most reasonable price and excellent properties. EuroPlas calcium carbonate filler is strictly controlled by modern systems and certified by the most popular quality management standards including Iso 9001:2008, 5S, Iso 14001 and OK Compost.

Physical form of raw metrial filler masterbatch

PP Filler Masterbatch – Benefits


The use of PP filler has significantly reduced production cost thanks to the powerful material named CaCO3 powder, whose price is relatively lower compared with that of plastic resin. Therefore, the presence of calcium carbonate helps plastic manufacturers significantly save a large amount of expenses on input materials. 

Properties enhancement

Being added to the plastic manufacturing process, PP calcium carbonate filler can not only streamline the production, but also improve various physical & mechanical properties of end-products.

PP filler masterbatcvh plastic granules

PP Filler Masterbatch – Classifications

Based on end-products’ technical requirements, PP Filler is divided into different categories in order to provide customers with the right fit.


Melt temperature (Degree Celsius) Bulk density



(wt %)

Processing temperature

(Degree Celsius)

Usage rate


EFPP 1001

152 1.18 <0.08 from 180 to 280 from 5 to 40

EFPP 1002 (with TiO2)

152 1.2 <0.08 from 180 to 280 from 5 to 40
EFPP 1010c 152 1.15 <0.08 from 180 to 280

from 5 to 45

EFPP 1005CN 152 1.18 <0.08 from 180 to 280

from 5 to 45

EFPP 1005BH 152 1.2 <0.08 from 180 to 280

from 5 to 45


PP Filler Masterbatch – Applications

Thanks to its outstanding benefits, PP Filler is widely used in many applications.

Manufacturing methods


Cast films PP laminated films
Injection moulding Housewares, electric appliances, plastic footwear, boxes, buckets, construction materials,…
Extrusion molding Household appliances,…
Blow moulding Containers, bottles,…
Raffia Woven PP bags, PP strapping band, PP tape, jumbo bags,… 
Non-woven Non-woven fabric

PP Filler Masterbatch – Specifications

EuroPlas PP Calcium Carbonate Filler is available in the following specifications:

Suitable applications of PP filler masterbatch

  • Packing: Our products will be packed into PP labelled bags (25 kg/bag) as per your enquiries.
  • Additives: Dispersion agent, Processing aid, etc.
  • Processing temperature: 180°C – 280°C
  • Carrier resin: PP Polyethylene
  • Appearance (surface color): White
  • Usage rate: 5 – 45% (depending on end-products)
  • Storage: Dry and cool condition is recommended. 


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