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Transparent Filler Masterbatch(Transparent Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch)

Transparent Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch includes CaCO3 powder, PP/PE, and other additives. Transparent Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch produced by EuP.
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What kind of Transparent Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch do we deliver?

Our Transparent Filler Masterbatch is positioned as one of the top high-quality Calcium Carbonate masterbatch in the plastic industry. That is the combination of CaCO3 powder and appropriate additives based on Polypropylene (PP), Polyphenylene (PE) carrier and other special additives.

transparent filler masterbatch

Hence, the Transparent Filler Masterbatch produced by EuP benefits your PP and/or PE plastic extrusion, injection, medicine container and/or film blowing package materials by heightening transparency, stiffness, whiteness, hardness, heat distortion temperature, dimension stability tensile strength and rigidity.

Applications of Transparent Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch:

Blowing film Blow molding Injection molding Blown film
Cast film Extrusion coating Non-woven fabric PP woven bag
Jumbo bag Construction materials Pipe extrusion Plastic footwear, housewares

EuP’s Transparent Filler Masterbatch

Packing, storage, and marking:

  • Packing: our plastic granules will be packed into PP/PE bag that weight 25 kg per bag with labeling based on the inquiry of clients.
  • Storage: all of the fulfill bags will be stored in the dry, cool and ventilated condition and put over pallets before being load into containers.

EuP’s Transparent Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch beneficial properties:

  • For Raffia Tapes:
    • We deliver a wide range of fillers for raffia with various different applications
    • PP, HDPE, Low or high denier fabric
    • The application in Lino bags
    • All kind of tarpaulins
    • FIBC that is usually called as jumbo bag
  • For Blown Film:
    • Our transparent Calcium Carbonate masterbatch is used to make liners and/or carry bags opaque, and enhancing the strength, durability with loading up to 60%.
  • For Furniture:
    • The addition of filler masterbatch into items of furniture as the compound of strength and economic advantages.
  • For Raffia Lamination:
    • Using our transparent filler could be seen as superior bonding properties that allow higher loading as usual.
  • Injection Moulding:
    • With appropriate CaCO3 compounds.
  • For Blow Molding:
    • The best choice in blowing molding for barrels, containers and various kind of articles.


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