Engineering plastic compound

Full-function-in-one-material solution for end-products


Engineering plastic compounds are made of resin, additives, and reinforcements that are specially designed to achieve the required properties of the final product. The base resin of the compound are engineering plastics like ABS, PP, and PC. Glass fibers and beads, conductive carbon, barium sulfate, talc, and other materials are some of the most common reinforcing agents in engineering plastic compounds.

Engineering Plastic compounds is a time-saving and cost-efficient method for applications demanding special properties. Engineering plastic can be used in automobile, electronics manufacturing, interior decoration and renewable energy, 

EuroPlas plastic engineering compound is the optimal solution with flexibility, high quality, and all functions in just one material. We offer a wide range of products including PBT GF-FR compound, PA6, PA66 blend compound, PC flame retardant compound, ABS Glass fiber compound, ABS Antistatic compound... to give our customers finished products that can perform efficiently. Find out about the features of those engineering plastics below.

  • All functions in one single material 
  • Alllow to directly processed without any materials required
  • Tailor-made based on end-products' requirements
  • Improve end-products' mechanical properties: stiffness, impact resistance,…
  • Reduce shrinkage and enhance thermal resistance ability


Car fuel tank cap
Printers and printer cartridges
Sanitary equipment
Water purifer
Rice cooker
Electronic components pallet