BaSO4 transparent filler masterbatch and 4 applications in plastic industry



There is no denying that the use of filler masterbatch plays an indispensable part in the plastic industry. Among various types of fillers such as calcium carbonate filler, talc filler,... BaSO4 transparent filler easily stands out thanks to its amazing advantages. So, what exactly is BaSO4 filler and how does it benefit our plastic industry? Let’s find out in the article below!

 According to some research, the global plastic filler masterbatch market size is projected to reach USD 422.1 million by 2026, from USD 364 million in 2020, at a CAGR of 2.5% during 2020-2026. This figure illustrated the considerable increase in filler masterbatch consumption. In which, BaSO4 filler (also known as transparent filler masterbatch) is one of the most vital sectors. 

1. How does BaSO4 transparent filler masterbatch benefit the plastic industry?

As the name suggests, calcium carbonate filler takes CaCO3 powder as the main component while BaSO4 transparent filler is made of barium sulfate, which is then mixed with suitable plastic resin and other additives. This difference results in the specific properties and applications of each type of filler. 

For example, CaCO3 filler is normally more opaque than BaSO4 filler, thus it is less preferred in packaging applications that require a high level of transparency. As a result, the name transparent filler masterbatch comes as an identity of this material.

4 amazing applications of BaSO4 transparent filler masterbatch in plastic industry
BaSO4 transparent filler has a higher level of transparency compared to CaCO3 filler

Besides, BaSO4 filler also offers end-products several benefits such as great dispersion, and good light durability,... making it an appropriate choice for outdoor uses. Moreover, the transparent filler also enhances the stiffness, and chemical resistance of end-products as well as reducing their electrical properties.

Another reason for the popularity of BaSO4 transparent filler is the environmental friendliness of this material. BaSO4 barely causes any harmful effects on the environment and is also safe for human beings.

2. 4 common applications of BaSO4 transparent filler in plastic industry

Thanks to its outstanding advantages, BaSO4 filler is widely used in various applications, especially in the packaging industry. Some typical uses of this material are listed below.

Agricultural films

4 amazing applications of BaSO4 transparent filler masterbatch in plastic industry

It is not exaggerated to say that BaSO4 transparent filler is a vital component of this type of film. Basically, agricultural films have certain strict requirements regarding filler masterbatch, including high transparency, and good weather resistance,... to ensure they are able to prevent harmful impacts of sunlight on plants while allowing the flow of photosynthesis. Hence, the use of BaSO4 filler can meet all of those criteria since it has great transparency and good UV resistance ability. Currently, the transparent filler is widely used in greenhouse film, crop forcing film, silage film, silage stretch film,...

Food packaging films

4 amazing applications of BaSO4 transparent filler masterbatch in plastic industry

F&B industry is another important end-use market of BaSO4 transparent filler. Its common applications include food wrappers, waste bags, and rolled bags,... Not only improving the brightness and transparency of the films, but this material is also completely harmless to human health compared with fossil resins, making it an ideal choice for food-containing uses. 

Retail industry

4 amazing applications of BaSO4 transparent filler masterbatch in plastic industry

As a huge amount of packaging film consumption goes to the retail industry, BaSO4 transparent filler is also a vital material in this field. Its application improves the thermal resistance, anti-slipping ability, and printability of the film. Plus, compared to NaSO4 filler, BaSO4 filler is anti-moisture, which makes it more durable in case of water condensation on the surface. 

Household appliances and other injection moulding products

4 amazing applications of BaSO4 transparent filler masterbatch in plastic industry

An outstanding advantage of BaSO4 transparent filler is it works effectively not only in blown film products but also in several injection molding products such as small parts of household appliances, bottles, and cans,... By adding BaSO4 into the formula, these end-products are provided with great stiffness, anti-corrosion ability, anti-slipping ability, and printability. Furthermore, the transparent filler also assists in reducing shrinkage as well as helping end-products stay well in shape.

All things considered, BaSO4 filler is an effective type of material for various industries to enhance their end-products’ quality and protect end-users' health by cutting down on fossil resins. 

3. Things to note when using BaSO4 transparent filler

Useful as it is, BaSO4 filler still has a big disadvantage that more or less bothers plastic enterprises. In comparison with other types of filler masterbatches such as talc filler or calcium carbonate (CaCO3) filler, it is relatively more expensive. Generally, the higher the loading rate of barium sulfate powder is applied, the more costly it gets. That definitely makes it less attractive than the others since for most plastic firms, filler masterbatch is considered a cost-effective material solution. 

Of course, the firms can save expenses by cutting down on the BaSO4 powder consumption. However, it will decrease the transparency of the end-products, which we all know is not allowed. The pros and cons of using BaSO4 transparent filler are listed in the table below:

Advantages  Disadvantages
Great transparency High prices
Good dispersion
Good weather resistance
Improve rigidity, anti corrosion and printability
Anti moisture ability
Reduce the level of shrinkage

Therefore, unless a specific high level of transparency is required for end-products, plastic enterprises are likely to choose PE filler masterbatch or PP filler masterbatch for the suitable functionalities and reasonable price. However, one thing to note is that BaSO4 filler still gets a vote regarding affordability compared with the use of pure fossil resin. Hence, for the best performance, BaSO4 transparent filler is still preferred by many manufacturers. 

4. EuroPlas BaSO4 transparent filler

If you are in search of a trusted filler masterbatch, then EuP might interest you. Having penetrated the plastic raw material market for nearly 14 years, EuP takes pride in getting in the World’s Top 5 largest filler masterbatch manufacturers. In which, BaSO4 transparent filler is one of the most preferable materials. 

4 amazing applications of BaSO4 transparent filler masterbatch in plastic industry
EuroPlas BaSO4 transparent filler masterbatch

Thanks to the natural calcium carbonate resource, experienced experts and state of the art technology, EuP can provide customers with excellent quality BaSO4 filler. Most importantly, our fillers are always customized to exactly meet your requirements. 

Currently, EuP offers customers with various types of filler masterbatch, which are available in over 80 countries. For further details and consultation, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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