1. Products
What is color masterbatch? What is it made of?
Color masterbatch is a common coloring method for plastic. It is made of virgin resin, mixed with pigments and specific additives in the form of masterbatch.
What is color masterbatch's advantages compared to pigment?

Color masterbatch has several advantages that outweigh pigments:

  • Great dispersion on end-products surface thanks to compatible size with polymer molecules
  • Higher color fastness
  • Adding more features to end-products, such as anti-aging, anti-UV, ... to improve the quality and service life of end-products.
  • Easier to store and delivery
  • Less dust during processing
  • Saving energy
Can EuroPlas provide tailor-made colors?
EuroPlas is ready to serve end-products' color requirements 
Do color masterbatch come with any special effects?
EuroPlas color masterbatch not only offers required colors, but also provides special effects for end-products, including iridescent effect, mother-of-pearl, pearlescent, transparency, glow, veinstone, glitter,... to increase end-products aestheticity and economic value. 
2. Applications
In which applications is color masterbatch commonly used?
Color masterbatch is used to create colors for almost all of plastic products, especially household appliances, toys, packaging films,...
What is the suitable usage rate of color masterbatch for the best effectiveness?
Based on end-products' characteristics, EuP will advise the most appropriate usage rate of color masterbatch. Normally, it comes between 2% and 5% of total composition.
3. Certificates
What certificates do we achieve?
All of EuroPlas products are recognized by these certificates: Reach, Food Contact, FDA, Rohs, and OK Compost (for bioplastic) 
4. Guarantee
In case of defects, what is our solution?
In case of unexpected events, please inform us immediately and provide us with full information. Our experts will analyze to find out the potential causes and support you with effective solutions. 

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