1. Product
What is filler masterbatch? What is the difference between filler masterbatch and traditional resins?
Filler masterbatch is a combination between traditional resins (PP, PE, HIPS,...), CaCO3, and appropriate additives in the masterbatch form. Hence, it is not resin. However, it can be used to partly replace resin, which resutls in cost - effectiveness for manufacturers. 
Why should you use filler masterbatch?

Filler masterbatch works by replacing a part of virgin resin, which results in production cost reduction, thus improving end-products competitiveness. 

Also, with an appropriate amount, filler masterbatch significantly lifts end-products performance (stiffness, impact strength, printability,...), saves energy and accelerates the production cycle thanks to CaCO3 good thermal ability

Does filler masterbatch have any degradative effects on end-products?
With an appropriate usage rate, filler masterbatch hardly has any bad effects on end-products mechanical properties or quality. Hence, you may not concern about this problem. 
2. Applications
In which applications is filler masterbatch commonly used?

Filler masterbatch is widely used in several fields:

  • Blown films (shopping bags, roll bags, garbage bags,...)
  • Raffia: cereals bags, FIBCs, industrial bags, jumbo bags,...
  • Non woven
  • Extrusion, injection molding
  • Thermoformed sheet (cups, plates, trays, pots, construction sheets, household appliances, car interiors,...)
What is the suitable usage rate of filler masterbatch for the best effectiveness?
According to each end-products' characteristics, EuP will advise the most appropriate usage rate of filler masterbatch. Normally, it comes between 10% and 40%. 
3. Certificates
What certificates do we achieve?
All of EuroPlas products are recognized by these certificates: Reach, Food Contact, FDA, Rohs, and OK Compost (for bioplastic) 
4. Guarantee
In case of defects, what is our solution?
In case of unexpected events, please inform us immediately and provide us with full information. Our experts will analyze to find out the potential causes and support you with effective solutions. 

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