1. Products
What is BiONext bio-compound? What is it made of?
BiONext is a bio-compound brand, which is made of bio resins and other appropriate additives based on end-products requirements.  
What is the difference between BiONext bio compound and bioplastic?
In fact, BiONext bio-compound is engineering plastic compound made of bioplastic resin and other additives, such as starch, CaCO3,... based on end-products requirements. Hence, BiONext is a ready-to-use tyep of material. 
What is the advantage of BiONext compared to traditional resins?
BiONext bio-compound not only has all outstanding properties of engineering plastic compound, but also is biodegradable within 12 months after use, which makes it very environmentally friendly.  
Which types of bioplastic resins are applied in BiONext?
BiONext uses a wide variety of bioplastic resins, such as PBAT, PLA, PBS, TPS,...
Why is bioplastic considered as a sustainable choice for enterprises?
The sustainability of bioplastic can be explained by the origin of bioplastic, which derives from renewable components. Also, bioplastic end-products can be biodegradable into water, CO2 and biomass (for fertilizer), making a circular cycle that minimizes negative impacts on the environment.
How to diffrentiate between disintegration, biodegradability and compostability?

These factors, which are commonly mistaken, in fact, have many differences:

  • Disintegration: a process in which polymer chain is cut into small pieces but still remains the material structure without completely degrading
  • Biodegradability: a process in which polymer is completely degraded into different form under specific microbiological conditions
  • Compostability: a process in which polymer is degraded into CO2, water, and biomass through composting (at home or under industrial conditions)
2. Applications
How is BiONext bio-compound applied?
BiONext is widely applied in various fields, such as blown bioplastic films, food packaging, agricultural films, injection molding, extrusion of spoon, forks, handles, sheets,...   
3. Certificates
What certificates do we achieve?
All of BiONext products are recognized by these certificates: Reach, Food Contact, FDA, Rohs, and OK Compost
4. Guarantee
In case of defects, what is our solution?
In case of unexpected events, please inform us immediately and provide us with full information. Our experts will analyze to find out the potential causes and support you with effective solutions. 

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