1. Products
Why should you use additives?

During manufacturing process and service life, plastic products are prone to environmental factors, such as temperature, moisture, light, dust in the air, external impact,...) or internal factors from the polymer itself. These elements result in ineffective processing, products' defects or short lifespan. 

Hence, additives play a vital part in improving the production efficiency, products quality, usage effectiveness and longevity. 

Does additives have any degradative effects on end-products?
With an appropriate usage rate, additives have no negative effects on the appearance and quality of end-products. Also, they introduces several benefits to end-products manufacturing process and service lives. 
Why should you choose additive masterbatch?

Compared to powdery additives, additive masterbatch is more preferred by customers thanks to these 2 main reasons:

  • There is already an amount of resin in additive masterbatch. Thus, its compatibility to resin is significantly higher than that of powdery additives 
  • Additive masterbatch's particle size is similar to polymer molecular size, making it disperse more evenly on end-products' surface.

These above help end-products with masterbatch additives more stable and of higher quality compared to those with powdery form.

How many types of additives do EuroPlas provide?
EuroPlas now provides 11 types of common additives, such as UV stabilizer, anti-aging additives, flame retardant, antistatic additives,..., and are still working on new products development
2. Applications
What is the suitable usage rate of additives for the best effectiveness?
According to each types of additives and end-products' requirements, EuP will advise the most appropriate usage rate of additives. Normally, it comes between 0.1% and 7% of total composition
3. Certificates
What certificates do we achieve?
All of EuroPlas products are recognized by these certificates: Reach, Food Contact, FDA, Rohs, and OK Compost (for bioplastic) 
4. Guarantee
In case of defects, what is our solution?
Trong trường hợp có sự cố, Quý khách vui lòng thông báo và cung cấp đầy đủ thông tin cho EuP. Các chuyên gia của chúng tôi sẽ phân tích, tìm ra nguyên nhân lỗi và hỗ trợ Quý khách hàng cách khắc phục sự cố. 

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