Filler masterbatch – The ways it benefits to plastic manufacturers

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Advantages of using Filler Masterbatch in plastics industry

Nowadays, Filler Masterbatch is widely used in plastics industry for many economic benefits. Filler Masterbatch (or Calcium carbonate CaCO3 Filler Master batch) is compound of calcium carbonate powder and other additives, based on polymer carrier resin. This raw material normally is used for filling in plastics to replace a part of virgin polymer that is very expensive. It is the reason that Filler master batch brings cost savings solution to plastic manufacturers.


Filler Masterbatch not only benefits to plastic manufacturers by keeping production costs down by replacing a part of the virgin polymer , but also improves production conditions, increases output. It increases calcium carbonate loading, make easier pelletization, cleaner manufacturing environment as well as many other physical and chemical properties of ended plastic products.

What is the outstanding of Europlas’s Filler Masterbatch?

Since being a leading & reliable Filler Masterbatch manufacturer, EuP’s products under brand name Europlas are being exported to over 60 countries in the world. By the advantages of big manufacturer, we offer customers competitive prices with a wide range of our Filler Masterbatches:
– PE Filler Master batch for blowing film, extrusion coating, …
– PP Filler Master batch for PP Woven sacks & FIBC, PP rafia, PP non-woven, …
– Transparent Filler Master batch for Extrusion molding. Laminated/ Multi layer film PP, HDPE pipe.
– HIPS Filler Master batch for foam PS tableware, sheet.

We are delivering extensive variety of filler mastebatches. Our filler masterbatch will help you in the cost lessening of the plastic articles. I will likewise enhance the surface antifriction, heat steadiness, hardness, inflexibility and expanding particular gravity of your plastic articles.

We are having following evaluations of filler masterbatches

Plast White: It adjusts physical and mechanical properties and diminishes cost in raffia application, blown film extrusion, the film covering infusion and blow shaping. It builds murkiness.

Plast Stiff: It enhances quality, firmness, changes physical and mechanical properties and lessens the cost. It is utilized just for PP-based.

Plast Clear: It goes about as nucleating specialist, keeps up clearness of polymer, enhances shine in woven sacs, extrusion coating, injection and blow moulding.

Plast Clear Film: It goes about as nucleating specialist, keeps up clearness of polymers, enhances sparkle, diminishes cost in blown film expulsion and shopping sacks.

Plast High mix: It diminishes cost, ESCR (Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance). It additionally gives quicker cooling in PE infusion and blows formed items.

Plast Fab: It is an exceptional filler masterbatch for non-woven and PP expulsion covering, box lashing and forming which enhances solidness, whiteness and lessens the cost.

To learn more about our Filler Masterbatches, visit here.



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