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Color Masterbatch

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Color masterbatch of EuP – The most effective color method for plastics

Nearly 14 years of establishment, EuP takes pride to be one the leading manufacturer of color masterbatch in the plastic industry. Masterbatch in here is the combination of vivid color matching with the German technology for creating vivid color.

This product contains CaCO3, resin, and some additives. It’s suitable for extrusion coating, blowing film, threading yarn, injection molding, etc. This product has very fine dispersion, free of agglomeration and bring the end product more whiteness, transparent, more glossy, smooth surface.

Our black, blue, brown, green, yellow, white,… additive masterbatches are suitable for the diverse appearance and properties requirements placed on finish plastic articles, in order to help your finish products stand out by our color blending technology.

Besides to transparent and opaque color, we also offer various special effects for your selection, including sparkle, metallic, pearl, granite, marble and etc.

We combine additives to optimize the processing and properties of specialty and commodity of resins. At EUP, we deliver special properties of color masterbatches which are usually called as additive masterbatch that include but not limited to antistats, anti-fog, anti block, flame retardant, antioxidants, fillers, foaming agents, optical brighteners, purge agents, process aids, scents, slips, release agents, UV absorbers and inhibitors.

Color Masterbatch Packaging & Shipping

Packing : 25 kgs per PE bag (or 1100kgs/jumbo bag)

Delivery in 20 days, delivery time must fit your processing needs after we made a final proforma invoice.

color masterbatch in the plastic industry.

Color Masterbatch in brand name Europlas and our services

♦ Skilled technical team is always willing to serve all the clients throughout the world

♦ Samples with free of charge

♦ 100 % quality check before shipment

♦ Competitive price and delivery in time

♦ Low MOQ with customized order is welcomed

♦ One stop service and after service consistency

In order to obtain detail information regarding our color masterbatch, please click our following primary color masterbatches. In the case, all of them do not fulfill your requirement, please do not hesitate to contact our sales department (regard your closet region) for further information and tailored plastic solutions.

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