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HD Filler Masterbatch

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What kind of HD Filler Masterbatch do we deliver?

EuP HD Filler Masterbatch is made from CaCO3, PE carrier, and other additives. Exploiting from the hundreds of year old high-calcium limestones in Vietnam with ample resources, we produce the strong HD thermoplastic with the strong but remain light weight properties and cost effective solution for producing finish plastic products. It contains the high proportion of CaCO3 which creates high whiteness and excellent dispersion with good compatibility. Our HD filler masterbatch offers cost savings solution as well as improving the hardness, surface features, heat resistance, physical, and chemical durability of plastic products.

Our HD filler master batch is the combination of multiple materials with great performance potential. HD filler master batch is one of our primaries product lines, that focuses around the high-density plastic or we usually say HD Filler which is what pudding containers are made from.

HD filler masterbatch

Applications of HD Filler Masterbatch

The HD filler master batch assists in blowing low molded items like jerry cans, drums, plastic bottles, HDPE pipes, bottles, cans, containers; Injection molded items like Plastic Furniture, Chair, etc.

HD Filler Masterbatch details information

  • Place of Origin: Ha Nam, Vietnam
  • Brand Name: Europlast
  • Appearance (Surface Color): White
  • Usage rate: 5 -35 %
  • Processing temperature: 140-280oC
  • Pellet Size: x3 (±0.3) mm
  • Packing: 25 kgs per PE bag (or 1100kgs/jumbo bag)

HD Filler Masterbatch’s Packaging, Delivery & Marking

    • Packing: our plastic granules will be packed into PP/PE bag that weight 25 kg per bag with labeling based on the requirements of clients.
    • Storage: all of the fulfill bags will be stored in the dry, cool and ventilated condition and put over wooden pallets before being load into containers.
  • Delivery time: Within 7 days after receiving the order confirmation of original L/C

In the case, you want a quotation or further assistance in technique consultant and/or bespoke inquiries, please feel free to contact our team directly.


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