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Talc Filler Masterbatch

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Europlas Talc Filler Masterbatch – What is it?

Talc Filler Masterbatch is the mixture of high-quality talc powder, plastic resins and specific additives (dispersion agent, processing aid,…). Talc is a popular substance that has been widely used in many applications. Not only does it enhance end-products’ rigidity, Talc also reinforces plastic thermal resistance as well as minimizing shrinkage. Thereby, the use of Talc Filler plays a vital part in improving product quality and reducing the production cost. This material can be blended with multiple resins to serve different products.

Talc Filler Masterbatch – Benefits

A cost-saving solution

Partly replaced plastic resins, Talc Filler helps plastic enterprises reduce production cost, thus improving your products’ competitiveness. 

Properties enhancement

Not only providing customers with a cost-effective material solution, Talc filler also enhances various properties:    

  • Improve heat resistance, stiffness and rigidity of plastic materials
  • Improve wear resistance and slip resistance on the surface of plastic materials
  • Reduce the rate of shrinkage of plastic materials, improve dimensional stability of end-products
  • Improve the printability
  • Increase resistance to moisture
  • Improve thermal conductivity of plastic materials and reduce molding cycle time.

Another advantage of Talc Filler is its compatibility to most types of machines and technologies. Thus, plastic manufacturers are not required to change their production technology when using this material. 

Talc Filler Masterbatch – Applications

Talc Filler is widely used in many applications as belows:

Blown film Shopping bags, food bags, garbage bags, stretch film,…
Blow moulding Bottles, fast-food containers, empty tubes, box of cereal,…
Injection moulding Plates, electrical shell, hoop packaging, plastic flowers, beverage cups, bowls, knives, forks, spoons,…
Raffia Woven bags, striped fabric, table cloth
Non woven Non-woven fabric,…

Talc Filler Masterbatch – Specifications

EuP provides customers with Talc Filler as the following specifications:

  • Additives: Dispersion agent, Processing aid, etc.
  • Appearance (surface color): White
  • Usage rate: 5 – 25% (depending on end-products)
  • Storage: Dry and cool condition is recommended.
  • Delivery: Products are delivered based on terms and conditions agreed by both parties as per the contract.


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