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Talc Filler master batch

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Europlas Talc Filler master batch – What do we deliver?

Talc filler master batch which is made from high quality talc with carrier resin and dispersant additives has good dispersion, high usage rate and superior processing performance. This product has many advantages, such as good gloss and color, increased heat resistance, good dispersion and transformation features, high stability and ease of use. It also works to improve product quality and reduce the cost of products, and it also applied to improve stiffness, rigidity and resistant surface.

Talc filler master batch has anti-agglomerating feature (antiblock) and helps smooth the surface without adding any antiblock additive. It can blend well with carrier resin and improve processing capability as well as features of end-products according to the application. It reduces production cost. It is a kind of multi-functional masterbatch.


Advantages of using Talc filler master batch in plastic products

  • Improve heat resistance, stiffness and rigidity of plastic materials
  • Improve wear resistance and slip resistance on the surface of plastic materials
  • Reduce the rate of shrinkage of plastic materials, improve dimensional stability of end-products
  • Reduce fire heat of plastic materials, limit variation in the 2nd reprocessing .
  • Improve printing features on material surface, reduce surface treatment by corona.
  • Increase resistance to moisture
  • Improve heat transfer capability of plastic materials and reduce molding cycle time.


Especially when using Talc Filler Master batch in the production process, no need to change the device and manufacturing technologies . Traditional manufacturing process can meet the requirements of the talc masterbatch production conditions. Just mix with plastic and put in machining process. Recommended usage rate: 5 % – 25 % (weight ratio). This usage rate may follow the end product performance.


Applications of Europlas Talc filler master batch

  • Used with different plastic processing technologies, such as blown film, injection molding, extrusion, blow molding with different colors. Usage rate for blown film, sheets, tubes, plates from 10-35 % and not affect the transparency .
  • Shopping bags, food bags, garbage bags, bottles, tablecloths, boxes of cereal, fast food containers, empty tubes, plates, electrical shell, hoop packaging, woven bags, non-woven, striped fabric, stretch film, plastic flowers, beverage cups, bowls, knives, forks and spoons.


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