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Using nonwovens in packaging is great for your business

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Main types and uses of nonwovens in packaging

The nonwoven packaging sector has been thriving since single use packaging was accused of a driver behind environment pollution. Nonwoven packaging is changing people’s habits towards environment-friendly products. 

Before that, it has been somehow neglected, not counted as a part of nonwoven applications.  For two decades, nonwovens have been in a great development process in the packaging industry. Now, it is still growing.

After over 25 years, we can state that the sector has been mature, but still remains promising and expanding. Because disposable packaging use is limited in some countries and many other countries will follow this policy.

The position of nonwovens used in the packaging sector is changing. Nonwovens in packaging is dominating part of the market as its applications now make up for approximately 3 percent of all nonwoven applications.

The favor of end uses for nonwovens in packing is spread and also large. Besides, new applications and developments are regularly updated as the materials become more well-known by the community and society.  

Key applications of nonwoven fabric

Top 5 well-known and largest application sectors of nonwovens are:

  • durable retail packaging
  • active/intelligent packaging components
  • medical packaging
  • sterilisation wrap
  • tea bags

Retail packaging: shopping bags

The most significant developing area for nonwovens is the retail shopping bag market. The main reasons for this growth are a combination of media campaigns, changes in customer attitudes, and improved performance.

The single-use bag sector has seen a remarkable decline as customer awareness towards the environment is increasing, and they prefer durable multitrip bags over single-use shopping bags.

Promotional bags

Promotional nonwoven bags have been used in a lot of formats in almost every exhibition and promotional event. 

The advantages of promotional nonwoven bags are lightness and strength. They can pack heavier items compared to any type of bag, they are light as single use bags, easy to carry. Moreover, they look great and can deliver promotional messages to customers for extended periods.


Nonwoven packaging is easy to print and easy to design. Great design can create all new markets. One of the most well-known and interesting nonwoven packaging products has been “Clever Little Bag” of Puma.


Puma as a leader in sport products, creating a product packaging is not easy to carry out, they have a whole team and system to do that. It took almost 21 months to seek alternatives to traditional shoeboxes, and finally a ‘clever little bag’ used nonwovens.

“The nonwoven bag uses 65% less cardboard than the standard shoe box, has no laminated printing, no tissue paper, takes up less space and weighs less in shipping and replaces the plastic retail bag.” said by Kellie.

Packaging and Consumer Buying Behavior

Packing can be used as a marketing tool for companies to promote company’s image and products. A picture says a thousand words. Packaging delivers the message about product information and characteristics in a smart way.  Different groups of people have different ways to express ideas through packaging. 

Factors that affect Consumer Buying Behaviour by Packaging:

  • Colour used for Packaging.
  • Quality of Packaging.
  • Material used for Packaging.
  • Designing of the Wrapper.
  • Information given on the Packaging.
  • Fonts of the printing.
  • Pictures and Image

Proper packaging of the product is very important to attract the consumers. The appearance of packaging definitely helps consumers to identify the product brand.  Every different element of packaging attracts the consumer’s attention.

However, there is one thing producers should keep in mind. Material used for packaging also plays an important role in a customer’s buying decision as customers now become very aware and educated. 

Filler masterbatch for manufacturing nonwovens

When it comes to manufacturing and business, you have to consider and balance between cost and product quality. There is always a solution to this problem.

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