PP compound manufacturer - Top 10 world class companies



PP compound manufacturer - top 10 world class companies

Polypropylene (PP) compounds are versatile materials used in various industries for their excellent mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties. As demand for PP compounds continues to develop, manufacturers worldwide are striving to produce high-quality products to meet the demands of their end-users. Each PP manufacturer has its own unique set of features, including product quality, and customization options, which makes them stand out in such a competitive market. In this article, we will provide an overview of top 10 PP compound manufacturers, highlighting their key features and production capability.

1. European Plastic Company (EuroPlas)

PP compound manufacturer - top 10 world class companies

Year founded: 2007

Location: Vietnam

Capacity: With 7 factories covering an area of thousands of hectares in 6 provinces: Ha Nam, Yen Bai, Hai Phong, Nghe An, Ho Chi Minh, and Long An, and a system of modern production lines, EuP's annual capacity approximately reaches 0.6 million tons. Currently, EuP is the strategic partner of thousands of factories in more than 85 countries worldwide.

Products: EuroPlas offers a wide range of products including PBT GF-FR compound, PA6, PA66 blend compound, PC flame retardant compound, ABS Glass fiber compound, ABS Antistatic compound... to give our customers finished products that can perform efficiently. 

Advantages of EuroPlas plastic engineering compound:

  • All functions in one single material 
  • Allow to directly processed without any materials required
  • Tailor-made based on end-products requirements
  • Improve end-products mechanical properties: stiffness, impact resistance,…
  • Reduce shrinkage and enhance thermal resistance ability

2. ExxonMobil

PP compound manufacturer - top 10 world class companies

Year founded: 1859

Location: U.S

Capacity: In terms of PP compound production, ExxonMobil can produce up to 9.1 million metric tons per year.

Products: ExxonMobil's PP compounds are manufactured using proprietary technology that allows for precise control over the molecular structure of the polymer. This technology enables the production of PP compounds with a wide range of properties and characteristics, hence, suitable for applying in various applications. 

Features of ExxonMobil's PP compound products:

  • Excellent balance of stiffness, impact resistance, and heat resistance. 
  • Highly customizable, allowing for the production of compounds with specific properties.
  • Can be formulated to have a high gloss, low gloss, or even textured surfaces. 
  • Varying levels of transparency, color, and UV resistance.

3. Hitemp Polymers

PP compound manufacturer - top 10 world class companies

Year founded: 2012

Location: India 

Capacity: Hitemp Polymers has a modern and professional production line with an outstanding quality range of Nylon PA 66 Granules, ABS Glass Filled Granules, Nylon PA 6 Granules, Noryl PPO Glass Filled And Unfilled Granules, Noryl PPO Glass Filled And Unfilled Regrind, etc.

Products: Features of Hitemp Polymers' PP compound products:

  • High heat resistance and excellent mechanical properties.
  • Withstand high temperatures without compromising their mechanical properties.
  • Highly customizable.
  • High impact resistance, stiffness, and low shrinkage.
  • Available in a range of colors, including standard colors and custom color matching.


PP compound manufacturer - top 10 world class companies

Year founded: 1985

Location: Varese, Italy

Capacity: With a 15 million euro investment plan for the years 2015-2020, RIALTI is projected to produce 50.000 Tons/Year.

Products: RIALTI, with more than thirty years of experience, has established itself as the market leader in the European polypropylene compounds industry for injection molding and extrusion.  

Features of RIALTI's PP compound products:

  • High concentration of mineral fillers, over 60%
  • Compounds filled with fibers and fillers of mineral origin such as talc, wollastonite, calcium carbonate, mica, kaolin, barium sulfate, natural and synthetic.
  • Available in several formulations and various flammability classes, according to the norms of the field.
  • Designed and realized in order to meet the specific application needs of our customer.

5. C.F. 

PP compound manufacturer - top 10 world class companies

Year founded: 1982

Location: Ferentillo, Umbria, Italia

Capacity: C.F. conducts sales and purchases in a total of 14 nations worldwide.

Products: C.F. creates and manufactures custom-made compounds, including additive compounds derived from first-choice materials and regenerated compounds created exclusively from industrial manufacturing waste.

  • Homopolymers and Copolymers
  • MFI from 5 to 60
  • Homopolymers and Copolymers MFI from 5 to 60 Colors in accordance with Spectrophotometer Specifications
  • Mineral fillers up to 40%, such as talc or calcium carbonate

C.F. performs many checks throughout the whole production process to ensure consistent quality and adherence to the provided technical parameters. The strength of C.F. is its ability to work closely with the client. Moreover, C.F. is able to make tailor-made compounds that are in accordance with the technical datasheets or samples that are provided.

6. Phychem Technologies pvt. Ltd.

PP compound manufacturer - top 10 world class companies

Year founded: 2013

Location: India

Capacity: Phychem's aim is to reach a production capacity of 50000 MT/Yr., by 2025, using innovation, technical expertise, streamlined processes for operational excellence, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and strategic alliances with global players.

Products: Phychem Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has a strong reputation for producing high-quality polymer compounds that are used in a variety of industries. Characteristics of Phychem Technologies' PP compound products:

  • Excellent mechanical properties, including high stiffness, impact resistance, and dimensional stability.
  • Available in a range of grades, including reinforced and flame-retardant grades. 
  • Customized PP compounds that are formulated to meet the specific needs of customers.

7. APPL Industries

PP compound manufacturer - top 10 world class companies

Year founded: 1991

Location: Hinjewadi, Pune, India

Capacity: APPL is now the most important operator in its industry and the biggest Indian compounder, with a capacity of 135,000 MT yearly. 

Products: APPL produces a wide range of polymer compounds, including polypropylene (PP) compounds. Here are some of the key characteristics of APPL Industries' PP compound products:

  • High-quality materials: APPL Industries employs rigorous quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Improved impact resistance or UV stability, to meet the unique requirements of each application.
  • Highly versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications: automotive, electrical, and packaging industries, among others.
  • Sustainability and environmentally friendly: The company's PP compounds are free of heavy metals and are compliant with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive.

8. Tridev Polymer Industries

PP compound manufacturer - top 10 world class companies

Year founded: 2010

Location: Rajasthan, India

Capacity: Tridev Polymer Industries facility is equipped with advanced machinery and technology, which enables the company to produce 1000 tons monthly.

Products: Tridev Polymer Industries is a leading manufacturer of polypropylene (PP) compounds, which are used in various applications in the automotive, electrical, consumer goods, and construction industries. Here are some of the key characteristics of the company's PP compound products:

  • Exhibit excellent mechanical properties such as high stiffness, tensile strength, and impact resistance.
  • High heat resistance: Can withstand temperatures up to 150°C without losing their mechanical properties.
  • Offers customized PP compound solutions to its customers.
  • Flame-retardant: Meet international standards and have passed various tests to ensure their effectiveness in preventing or delaying the spread of fire.

9. Mitsubishi Chemical India Pvt. Ltd.

PP compound manufacturer - top 10 world class companies

Year founded: 2008

Location: India

Capacity: Mitsubishi Chemical India Pvt. Ltd. has a production facility in the state of Gujarat, India, with a production capacity of up to thousands tons per year. The company's manufacturing plant is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and production processes to ensure the highest quality standards.

Products: Mitsubishi Chemical India Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of various chemicals and materials, including polypropylene (PP) compounds. Here are some key points about the company's PP compound products:

  • High impact strength.
  • Good flow properties, allow for easier processing and molding of the material into various shapes and forms.
  • Environmentally-friendly and can be recycled and reused multiple times, reducing the impact on the environment.

10. Peeco Polytech Pvt Ltd

PP compound manufacturer - top 10 world class companies

Year founded: 2008 

Location: Delhi, India

Capability: The facilities of Peeco Polytech Pvt. Ltd. are situated in close proximity to the significant industrial belts of Northern India. The production capacity now stands at 6000 MT/annum, and a goal of 10,000 MT/annum is projected to be reached by the end of this year. 

Products: Peeco Polytech's PP Compound Products include the following characteristics:

  • An immense variety of PP/PPCP compounds ranging from 5-45% are filled at optimized costs.
  • High stiffness at high toughness for high mechanical strength.
  • Good resistance to a variety of chemical agents, including bases, acids, alcohols, aqueous solutions, detergents, etc.
  • Impact resistance with high notches and strong energy absorption.
  • Halogen-free and flame retardant with ratings of V0, V1, V2, and HB.
  • Low propensity for creep.
  • Excellent stiffness, stability, and strength across a wide temperature range.
  • Excellent molding surface quality decreased the amount of conflict.
  • Excellent flowability - Consistent concentration of glass fibers even in thin rib sections.

To sum up, the top 10 world-class PP compound manufacturers are leaders in the industry, providing high-quality products that meet the diverse needs of their customers. As the demand for PP compounds continues to rise, these companies will continue to play a critical role in providing innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of various industries.

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