Why are UV Masterbatches expected to be a key product for the Indian market?



1. Why UV masterbatches are necessary and becoming vital in modern life?

The expanding range of plastic products has turned these features the versatile products that are easily applied into various industries and life aspects. Thus the frequency that these products are exposed to harsh conditions such as extreme high temperature, direct sunlight, oxidants interaction, etc. are very much increasing, leading to the degradation in both functions (losing physical, chemical and mechanical properties) and aesthetic. This has become the reason why the demand of finding solutions to prevent or delay the degradation is so critical. Adding functional additives into the masterbatches is believed to be an effective solution for this issue. The most affecting factor causing degradation of masterbatches is UV radiation in the sunlight, which makes the plastic easy to aging. Energy emitted by UV radiation boosted the chemical reactions. These reactions cause the destruction inside the polymer’s structure and consequently, the losing in a vast majority of properties. Several common “symptoms” telling your plastic is aging are surface loss lusters and start cracking, chalking, the decline in physical capacity and life expectancy.

2. Why you should choose UV Masterbatch from EuroPlas?

Our UV masterbatches is on top quality products that currently distributed on the market. All of the input materials are carefully selected, added into the mixture at a precise amount and mixed together following well-developed formula that satisfied specific requirements of our customers. Thus, the products we made have excellent dispersion with all ingredients are dispersed evenly in the texture. In addition, another common concern of various customers is that using masterbatches may not be an effective solution since these alternative products may lack or be several mechanical characteristics. However, at EuP, we is confident in ensuring with all Customers that our final products have already passed the quality tests that their mechanical and chemical properties are proved not being affected through the processing.
Why you should choose UV Masterbatch from EuroPlas?

3. Applications of UV Masterbatch increased opening new opportunities for Vietnamese manufacturers

UV Masterbatches is widely applied in agriculture (geotextile, insect nets, shade nets, greenhouse covers), blown films, blow molding, injection molding and HDPE pipes manufacturing. It can be the main material to produce plastic bags, multipurpose containers, artificial yarn and fibers (polypropylene fibers) and various outdoor furniture and tools. Agriculture is an extremely important part of India's economy, accounting for one-third of its GDP. Therefore, the demand for using applications of UV masterbatches in agriculture here is extremely large.
EuroPlas UV masterbatch

4. What are the advantages of Vietnamese masterbatches manufacturers?

Originally, India, along with other Asian – Pacific countries such as China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Korea, are the leading consumers of additive masterbatches with the average growth rate of masterbatch demand reached 5.67% per year. This rate is significantly higher than the average rate of the world. This situation is predicted to bring several advantages to the Vietnamese masterbatches manufacturing industry such as
  • First, we have high-quality input material resources.
  • Second, our labor costs are cheaper than the average cost of the world and are more competitive than other countries.
  • Finally, the delivery costs from Vietnam to Indian are relatively not expensive. Therefore, Vietnamese enterprises can compete fairly with foreign businesses in exporting goods to India thanks to the advantages of maritime transport between the two countries. 
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