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What is engineering plastic compound? What is it made of?

Engineering plastic compound is a type of plastic material that is customized to fit specific end-products. It is made of traditional plastic resins (PP, PC, ABS, HIPS, PA,...), mixed with reinforcements and suitable additives. 

The biggest advantage of compound is that it has all neccessary properties to meet end-products' requirements in one single material. Hence, it is able to be processed directly without any other materials needed. 

What is the difference between engineering plastic compound and traditional plastic material?

Compared to traditional plastic materials, engineering plastic compound has several advantages:

  • Tailor made based on end-products' requirements
  • Full functions in one single material, thus allowing to be directly proccessed without any other materials needed, which results in more simple manufacturing process and higher efficiency. 
  • End-products quality and usage effectiveness improvement. 
How does the manufacturing process of engineering plastic compound take place?

The manufacturing process of engineering plastic compound goes through these following steps:

  • Getting customers requirements
  • Discussing and deciding on technical index of engineering plastic compound
  • Working on the compound sample according to agreed requirements
  • Making end-products with compound sample and checking if they meet technical indexes
  • Producing end-products in bulk in case compound satisfies the requirements 
2. Applications
In which applications is color masterbatch commonly used?
Engineering plastic compound is widely used in various fields, especially high-tech industries, such as automotives, motobikes, household appliances, electrical engineering, electronic components, office equipment,...
3. Certificates
What certificates do we achieve?
All of EuroPlas products are recognized by these certificates: Reach, Food Contact, FDA, Rohs, and OK Compost (for bioplastic) 
4. Guarantee
In case of defects, what is our solution?
In case of unexpected events, please inform us immediately and provide us with full information. Our experts will analyze to find out the potential causes and support you with effective solutions. 

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