Color concentrates for plastics and the diversity of choice in EuP

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Color concentrates for plastics category under brand name EuroPlas consists 10 different types. EuP is proud to introduce you our high-quality color concentrates for plastics – Color masterbatch. Taking advantages from having the high-quality materials, a technical team with many years of professional experience, and the machinery systems imported from Germany, EuP is able to produce and distribute different masterbatches based on what our customers requested.

The demand of using color concentrates for plastics in industrial production and in daily life

Color certainly is an irreplaceable part in our life. Imagine how boring the world would be without the existence of colors! We, people, are surrounded with colorful objects every day in our lives that even sometimes we did not realize its importance. Each color has unique and distinct effects, mostly depended in the audience’s point of view. A certain color may be liked by this person but be disliked by some others. However, there is surely one thing that color affects our mood and mind-set. It brings emotions to us and makes our lives more plentiful.

color concentrates for plastics application

The crucial roles of color concentrates for plastics – color masterbatch in the plastic industry

Understanding the demands of adding different colors into daily life, color concentrates for plastics is created as a powerful material bringing the joyful and emotional looks to a vast majority of surrounding products. Sight is one of the most sensitive and strongest senses of human and our attentions are easily drags to the most colorful direction. A lot of manufacturers and companies apply this theory on their businesses by pay more effort in designing products with eye-catching and vivid color packaging.

But the vital role of color concentrates for plastics does not stop at that. Another function of masterbatches is to replace a part of raw material, hence help the manufacturers lowering the production costs. EuroPlas color masterbatches are diverse in types. They can be made of PE, PP or PS base resin in the association with processing additives and calcium carbonate powder. The concentration of pigments in each masterbatch is different from each other but they are all in the range of 20 to 75%.

10 basic types of masterbatches – a kind of color concentrates for plastics offering by EuP

After more than 10 years since establishment, EuP is continually asserting our position as the best masterbatch manufacturer in Vietnam and in top 5 largest in the world. We always desire to produce and distribute color masterbatch – one of color concentrates for plastics with highest quality to not only customers in Vietnam and Asia but also to the global market. With the aspiration to generate best masterbatches, our technical experts have developed out own color palette with a wide variation of colors. At the present we organized them into 10 groups. Each group contains color concentrates for plastics with the same color. The following list is our masterbatch category:

  • Black masterbatch
  • White masterbatch
  • Yellow masterbatch
  • Orange masterbatch
  • Red and pink masterbatch
  • Green masterbatch
  • Brown masterbatch
  • Blue masterbatch
  • Purple masterbatch
  • Grey/Silver masterbatch

Black masterbatch – common color concentrates for plastics used in producing outdoor furniture and objects

Black masterbatch is one of the most produced color concentrates for plastics at EuP. Most of black masterbatches in EuP include PE plastic as base resin with the processing temperature fluctuates between 160 and 280oC. The black color in black masterbatch came from carbon black. Under brand name EuroPlas, we developed 5 main formulas for this group of plastic masterbatch. Each type has a different ratio of carbon black, ranging from 20 to 50%. There are 2 forms of carbon black used, which are powder (P) and high abrasion furnace (HAF). Here is the list of our black masterbatch products:

  • EMPE 0020 consists 20% of HAF carbon black
  • EMPE 0030 consists 30% of HAF carbon black
  • EMPE 0040 consists 40% of HAF carbon black
  • EMPE 0050 consists 50% of HAF carbon black
  • EMPE 0030P consists 30% of P carbon black

black masterbatch eup

Black masterbatch can be used directly as raw material or in combination of other fillers and color concentrates for plastics in industrial production. In case using with other kinds of masterbatch, it is suggested to be used at 2-5%. Black masterbatch is manufactured by various methods such as blown film, extrusion, injection or blow molding to modify it into the product’s shape.

Using TiO2 to bring the perfect whiteness for color concentrates for plastics

White masterbatch, similar to black masterbatch, consists of base resin (PE, PP, PS or any plastic you require), functioning additives (zinc, oil, wax or anti-UV agents, optical brightener, processing aids, etc.) beside the most important component – titanium oxide TiO2. TiO2 is widely used in various industries as a white pigment with the common name is titanium white or Pigment White 6 (PW6). Paints and varnishes, plastics and paper manufacturing are the industries consumed the most titanium oxide. In EuP, when using TiO2 to produce white masterbatch, we use it under 2 forms: rutile and anatas with the percentage in mixture was approximately from 20 to 75%.

Besides the function of giving color concentrates for plastics the perfect white color, titanium oxide also takes a responsibility in perform as the “shield” that protects plastic agains surrounding environment, especially UV radiation. Here is the list of our white masterbatch products:

  • EMPE 1020 consists 20% of white pigment
  • EMPE 1030 consists 30% of white pigment
  • EMPE 1040 consists 40% of white pigment
  • EMPE 1050 consists 50% of white pigment
  • EMPE 1060 consists 60% of white pigment
  • EMPE 1070 consists 70% of white pigment
  • Bio White consists 40% of white pigment

white masterbatch eup

All listed products are produced with PE plastic as carrier resin and it is suitable to modify them at 150-280oC. This group color concentrates for plastics achieves the highest light fastness (indicating for the resistance of colors to fading or darkening under the impacts of weather conditions) at level 8, which means its durability is exceptional and the color can last up to 2 years. White masterbatch is widely used to produce films for complex printing and packaging by injection and blow molding techniques.

EuroPlas color concentrates for plastics that fills your life with bright and energetic objects

Besides black and white masterbatch, EuP can offer a wide range of other colors in order to improve your resins. Color pigments used in manufacturing color concentrates for plastics under brand name EuroPlas are specially modified based on the standard of RAL and PANTONE color chart. As a result, our customers will have a wider variety of choices, with the same color you can find many different shades, from light to dark and even opaque. At the same time, the color of the product is also shown more clearly, vividly and more lively.

By using high quality pigment sources and input materials which are strictly verified and selected, EuP’s color concentrates for plastics is not only highly appreciated in the aesthetic aspect but also in the quality of plastic masterbatch. Our masterbatch have very good heat resistance, easy for reinforcement and achieve high level in light fastness criteria, indicating the durability of the product against natural conditions and weathers. At the same time, the dispersion of colors is even between the production batches, making the final product more complete.

Color concentrates for plastics with colorful and eye-catching colors such as gold, red, green is used a lot in producing wires and cables. In addition, non-woven, carpet and raffia fibers are also important applications of these masterbatches.



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