Color masterbatch

Material solution enhances end-products' aestheticity by providing exact color


Color masterbatch is manufactured from high-quality pigments, carrier resin, and some special additives. It helps create a colorful and eye-catching appearance for plastic products and covers aesthetic requirements. EuP color masterbatch consists of a wide range of products, from simple to complex colors and effects.  

Color masterbatch is easy for plastic manufacturers to use directly in the mixing processes, hence, saving both the processing time and production cost. Final products can have stable color shade, good light fastness, and heat resistance delivered by excellent color dispersion ability. Moreover, coloring plastic by this method does not cause any bad influence on the environment like using industrial pigments or other plastic coloring methods. Let’s look at some of its superior features below:

  • Create exact colors as end-products' requirements
  • Great dispersion
  • High color fastness and good thermal resistance
  • Environmental friendly
  • Various color choices 


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