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Top 3 industries that benefit most from filler masterbatch

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In Vietnam, 80% of input raw materials for the plastic industry is imported, making it extremely uncertain and risky for domestic manufacturers. In that situation, filler masterbatch has emerged as an effective solution to address the root of input materials problem as well as improving product competitiveness. Let’s discover top 3 industries that benefit most from filler masterbatch.

1. What is filler masterbatch?

Filler masterbatch (also known as calcium carbonate filler) is amongst the most common plastic fillers. It is the combination of high-quality canxi carbonate (CaCO3), plastic resin and other special additives. Unlike traditional plastic (which contains up to 70-80% fossil plastic), the main component of filler masterbatch is CaCO3, a natural matter available in the environment. That is also where the name “filler” comes from.

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2. Big impacts on plastic manufacturing industry

Inspite of initial doubts about its effectiveness, filler masterbatch gradually proves its indispensable role in the development of plastic industry. 

Packaging industry

Over hundreds of years of establishment, the packaging industry is becoming one of the leading fields in the plastic industry with incredible growth year by year. According to statistics from the General Department of Vietnam Customs, plastic packaging accounts for up to 26.1% of export turnover of plastic products in the first 11 months of 2020. This figure increased by 2.1% compared with that of the same period last year despite the influence of Covid-19 in 2020. 

Plastic packaging accounts for up to 26.1% of export turnover of plastic products in Vietnam
Plastic packaging accounts for up to 26.1% of export turnover of plastic products in Vietnam

Popular applications of the packaging industry include shopping bags, industrial bags, food packaging, jars, bottles, boxes,…As a large number of products spread across many plastic resins and applications, the use of filler masterbatch in the manufacture of plastic packaging offers these following benefits:

  • Production cost reduce
filler masterbatch helps cut cost

As CaCO3 – the main component of talc is more reasonable than fossil plastic, it helps plastic firms reduce input material expenses, thus improving product’s competitiveness. Besides, the melting point of CaCO3 is relatively low, which makes it a good conductor. That also saves time spent on each product cycle, reduces energy consumption of the machine, thus cutting production costs.

  • Input materials stabilizing

Because the main components of primary plastic are petroleum and natural gas whose prices are unstable, input material expense is often fluctuating. On the contrary, CaCO3 is a reasonable natural resource, thus helping plastic firms save cost and stabilize input materials. 

  • Product’s properties enhancement
filler masterbatch enhances brightness and mechnical properties

Brightness enhancement: Calcium carbonate has a certain natural whiteness, thereby helping manufacturers save a large amount of money for whitening, brightening and gloss additives. This is a huge advantage, especially in the food packaging industry. 

Mechanical strength enhancement: With high stability, calcium carbonate brings end products a good bending resistance, impact resistance, and tear resistance even when reducing product thickness.

  • Carbon footprint reduce

Due to the decrease of fossil plastic in production, plastic firms contribute significantly to environmental protection. This is a meaningful breakthrough in the context of the overuse of disposable plastic packaging, which is unable to decompose under natural conditions and the high-expense of bio-resin raw materials that makes filler masterbatch an appropriate choice.

Plastic appliances manufacturing

Due to a large number of parts with complex components, plastic appliances are produced by injection molding technology. The application of filler brings end products competitive price and stable mechanical properties (bending resistance, impact resistance and tear resistance). Also, this material lowers production cost and improves product productivity.

Besides, some products such as disposable cups, plates, trays, boxes, and plastic pots are also manufactured by thermoforming technology. Accordingly, this method saves more time and cost of production than two traditional technologies, which are injection molding and film blowing.

The application of filler brings end products competitive price and stable mechanical properties
The application of filler brings end products competitive price and stable mechanical properties

The application of filler masterbatch in thermoforming technology helps:

  • Efficiency driving: Due to CaCO3’s good thermal conductivity, the mixture melts faster and more homogeneously as well as cooling on the roll more quickly. Higher speed of production assembly results in the increase of productivity. 
  • Low thermal expansion coefficient: Filler masterbatch helps reduce the molten plastic volume, anti friction, reduces the loading of the extruder and the die adapter’s pressure.
  • Rigidity increase and shrinkages reduce.
  • Product’s formability increase.

HDPE, PP, PE plastic pipes manufacturing

Plastic pipes are the most essential products serving construction industry. The application of filler masterbatch in plastic pipes production saves input material expenses, reduces production cost, thus improving product’s competitiveness. Besides, filler masterbatch also boosts product’s rigidity, lower time of cooling, which results in efficiency and product’s quality enhancement. 

3. EuroPlas filler masterbatch

Over 13 years of manufacturing and distributing filler masterbatch, EuroPlas takes pride in being a Top 5 filler masterbatch manufacturer worldwide with thousands of partners and clients in more than 80 countries and regions.  

EuroPlas filler masterbatch
EuroPlas filler masterbatch

We provide a wide variety of filler masterbatch made of Vietnamese natural high-quality canxi carbonate, fossil resins (PP, PE, HIPS, BIO,…) and other special additives. EuroPlas filler masterbatch always tries to be the right fit for end products as well as being eligible to meet the highest standards. 

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